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Outside the box athletics for kids

Kids parkour in Maple Valley

What is Move School?

Move School gives kids the chance to enjoy outside the box athletics like parkour and tricking through classes designed to bring excitement, wonder, and curiosity back into exercise.

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Parkour As A Mindset

We teach parkour as a skill and a mindset, baking skills and strategies into every lesson to help you and your family approach challenges and obstacles like a Parkour Champion. A Move School class is a new way to experience exercise. Skill based lessons that pair strength with the ability to move quickly and efficiently, and the mentality to approach obstacles like gift-wrapped opportunities.

Parkour lessons for kids in Auburn

"Obstacles are found everywhere. And in overcoming them, we nourish ourselves" - David Belle

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A parkour session can burn 600-900 calories, making it as effective as jogging and cycling. And the best part, you're challenging your mind at the same time. Check out our participants in action in our latest video and join the movement.


Stephanie, Parent

We joined Coach Grey for parkour classes one year ago, and my three kids love it! It’s the one activity they truly look forward to each week, and I enjoy watching them challenge themselves.

Bill, Student

I look forward every week to go practice with coach Grey. I like coach Grey because he is nice and good at mentoring. He has good quality equipment and when he is demonstrating he does a good job dividing it into levels of difficulty.

Reyes, Parent

I appreciate the safety and teamwork that Coach Grey emphasizes in his teaching. When learning new forms or moves, the child also learns how to be an independent mover that is also part of a group.

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