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Our Mission

Move School Mission


Why parkour is important


Having fun is important in parkour

Have Fun

“Obstacles make me stronger!”

Move School’s mission is to empower the next generation to dominate their challenges with wisdom and enthusiasm, by providing programs that inspire change in the outlook of each participant towards obstacles.

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About Grey

Hey there! I'm Grey and I am a certified parkour coach and athlete. Being trained to teach parkour by Stephan Vigoroux, one of parkour's founders, I teach parkour the "old-school" way. Not as the extreme sport for showing off that some might see it as today, but as a method for cultivating physical and personal strength. In my ten years of teaching, I've had the opportunity to coach parkour with people aged 4 to 60, in multiple countries, and in just about every setting you could imagine. This has given me unique insight and adaptability that really helps me introduce parkour to people of all walks, regardless of age or fitness level.

Why Parkour?

Parkour makes kids better planners and learners by giving them practical experience with risk management, experimentation, and chunking of complicated tasks.


Parkour makes kids safer, more well-rounded athletes by fostering fine coordination, developing explosive push/pull strength in the upper and lower body, and by providing ample opportunity to practice functional falling and rolling in safe settings.


Parkour is for everyone. It's all just about learning how to move better, and that's something you can work on whether you are 8 or 80!

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